We are a studio of multidisciplinary designers with a like-minded passion for yacht design and a longing to push boundaries under a fresh brand, Phathom Studio.  Our multicultural team believes in the power of diversity coming together to promote creativity.  Our made-to-measure approach focuses on the client’s lifestyle and emotional needs in the execution of bespoke project which meticulously represent our client’s wishes.  At Phathom, there is no house style.  We embrace a philosophy of breaking standards sensibly to offer each client innovative experiences.  As client ambassadors, we continually educate ourselves so that we may empower our clients throughout the decision-making process to bring added value to the life of each build.  Our quest is to surpass your expectations during the design and construction phases to ensure a memorable working relationship together. 

Raquel Hernández Grijota

With an undergraduate degree in industrial design and a master of design, Raquel began her career working for the Italian design studio of Giugiaro at their Italdesign office in Barcelona.  Here she employed her interior design expertise in various automotive and transportation design projects. An opportunity to supplement her professional repertoire lead Raquel to the Netherlands where she worked in interior yacht design for studios such as Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design and Guido de Groot Design. Adding to her professional breadth, Raquel worked in close collaboration with clients on several residential projects such as private homes and villas.

With a solid 15 years of experience working in interior, transportation, product, and furniture design, Raquel boasts an arsenal of skills in both conceptual and technical realms.  She assumes the responsibility of maintaining international client relations in all phases of projects.  Her fascination stems from the Client’s reaction in seeing a project come to life.  She aims to translate client’s visions of space into thoughtfully executed designs through her fervent appreciation for quality craftsmanship, natural materials, and the time and commitment required to create something truly special and unique.  With a love of nature, Raquel approaches each project through a sustainable gaze as she believes in the vital need to revamp the yacht design industry through new technologies, responsible materials, and biomimetic applications where possible, respecting all stakeholders involved.

Sean Bekeschus

With an undergraduate degree in industrial design and a master of yacht design, Sean began his career as an intern at Nuvolari Lenard in Veneto, Italy.  Sean’s professional trajectory led him to the design office of Guido de Groot in Leiden, the Netherlands. Here he benefitted from the multifaceted studio environment by engaging in various aspects of the design process: concept development and ideation, profile design, general arrangements, 3D modelling and rendering, for several built projects.  

He dropped anchor in the Netherlands 2 years later after being scouted to work with Cor D. Rover Design out of Amsterdam.  Over the next 5 years, he collaborated as both exterior and interior yacht designer on several high-profile projects.

With a solid 10 years of experience working in exterior and interior design, Sean’s engrained enthusiasm for boat design was apparent by the age of 8 having spent summers on his parents 21-foot cubby cabin in Canada, obsessing over boat design magazines, and sketching his visions of a superlative yacht on the family’s dining room table.  Fascinated by the notion of a yacht as a mobile home, Sean envisions each project as means to provide clients with a bespoke extension of their lifestyle at sea. Impassioned with the discovery phase of the project, Sean relishes the opportunity to listen to clients and translate their visions into tangible design solutions.


Sterzegge20, 2318ZG Leiden, The Netherlands